Rolkem Rainbow Colours



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Approved Food Colouring, non-toxic dusting powder.

Rolkem Rainbow Spectrum can be used to dust over finished articles. It can be mixed into paste to get a softer shade of the original colour. (Pastel Shade). This product mixes well with Fondant, modeling paste, royal icing, butter icing, cocoa butter, ethanol, and to use with ROLKEM Quick Dry Essence.

This product is water-soluble.


Anthurium, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Black Current, Bottle Green, Brown, Burnt Orange, Buttercup, Canary, Carnation, Chocolate Brown, Cosmos, Cream Soda, Cuppuccino, Dark Green, Deep Cerise, Dove Grey, Dusty Rose, Electric Green, Emerald Green, Enigma, Flame Red, Flesh, Harlequin, Iris, Irish Moss, Ivory, Lavender, Leaf Green, Lem-Lime, Lemon Glo, Leonidas Rose, Lilac, Lime, Magenta, Mango, Marine, Midnight, Miltonia, Mimosa, Navy Blue, New Orchid Green, Nut Brown, Ochre Yellow, Olive, Orange, Orchid Mauve, Peach, Peacock, Peony Pink, Perriwinkle, Petunia, Pink, Pink Orchid, Pool Blue, Primula, Raw Amber, Rose, Rose Leaf, Royal Blue, Rustic, Salmon, Sea Green, Showtime, Skin Tone, Sky Blue, Starlite, Sunflower, Sunrise, Sunset, Terracotta, Tibouchina, Tiger Lily, Tulip, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Valencia, Vine Green, Violet, Watermelon, Wedgewood Blue, Wedgewood Green, White